Zenna Noodle Bar (Thai, Vietnamese)

About eight of us gathered here on a Saturday for a late lunch. The restaurant is pretty small but they accommodated our big group by putting a couple of tables together. The place seemed clean and the decor of flowers livened up the ambiance (however I would agree with some of the other posts- it dosen’t really go with the cuisine).
I ordered the vegetarian Zenna Noddle soup and was very pleased. Everyone else seemed to enjoy there food as well. I was able to taste other peoples dishes and to my taste I didnt think the drunken noodles were that spicy.
Why give it three stars? Well I think the quantity of noodles everyone received was  decent  for the price but they were not very generous with the meat or seafood. Everyone who got shrimp with their noodles only had 2 shrimp. When you get shrimp Pad Thai you expect Shrimp. Another thing that REALLY bothered me was that all the dishes were not served at the same time. I understand there may be just one waitress and bringing out eight entrees is difficult… but our main course didn’t even come one right after the other. There was at least a five minute gap between each dish coming out. I received my soup first, and out of politeness and etiquette I only start eating once everyone has gotten there food. There is just that uncomfortable feeling at the table when you have your food and no one else does. After watching Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares… I realized how important it was that all the food goes out at the same time- and only an organized staff and good head chef can execute that.