Teqa (Mexican Cuisine) New York, NY

Two words. RAW CHICKEN.
Service: Hostess was rude. Our table was not ready when we made reservations (the manager thought to give my friends and I a round of free shots as an apology. Yeah… a shot of sweet syrup and probably a pinch of tequila). Our waitress was very sweet though.
Food: VERY SMALL portions. Not your money’s worth. Everything was extremely spicy. I have a high tolerance for spiciness and  this was unbearable. What pissed me off the most was that NO WHERE on the dish’s title or description did it indicate “spicy”.
Ordered a salad with chicken on it.. three out of the pieces (well at least I hope) were cooked fine.. the other was RAW. COLD and PINK Inside.
And what do we get? I’ll let you guess.. another round of free shots!
WOOHOO! (not.) then we were offered desert on the house. Both deserts were exactly the same (a hard piece of chocolate cake) except they were served differently.
We got the dish knocked off the bill so each of us only paid about 8 dollars each. Cheap for dinning out in Manhattan. This restaurant will not survive.