Every part of our lives are touched by our smart phone. Whether we use it to make a phone  call,  send an email, look up an address or listen to the radio it is hard to imagine a life with out wireless connection and 4G speed. To make our lives even simpler, apps are made to make our searches more convenient with just one click.

Searching for the closest (and best) bakery , flipping through your cookbooks for an apple pie recipe or calling to make a reservation can be quite the task. But now, there is an app for that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am excited it’s overwhelming.

When you search Food Apps on your iPhone of Android you get almost over one hundred choices. Of course, I have not been able to look through every single one of them but I’ll share my favorites.

Yelp App – By far my favorite app. Not only am I an avid “yelpper” but before I commit to any restaurants I do an extensive (and by extensive I mean I can spend an hour doing this) search of the best reviewed, must go to restaurants of that cuisine. But what makes this app even “cooler” is that it has augmented reality. If you shake your phone three times a live camera will appear and on the side of the screen will be little yelp- reviewed icons of establishments-including restaurants – letting you know exactly where and how many miles they are away from your mouth.