Bacon… Delicious strips of juicy pork heaven. Meat candy. Unkosher. Fatty. Cure for vegetarianism. How ever you choose to define it, won’t change the fact that Bacon makes everything taste better. Especially turkey on Thanksgiving.

This year our Thanksgiving was small. Although, the drastic change from a crowd of 15 to a crowd  of five- did not stop us from having the traditional full 12 lbs turkey. With a smaller crowd and more room to fail the family and I were open to experiment on ways to ensure juicy succulent meat.

After stuffing the turkey with garlic, onions and oranges we rubbed the turkey down with a mixture of olive oil, cumin, paprika and ground pepper. Next step- slap on the bacon!

We covered the turkey breast and the dark meat with layers of organic bacon. This method lends to an extremely moist and tender meat- with out making it taste like bacon.

So for all you bacon haters… next year make an exception and just taste your bacon covered turkey- I promise you will not be disappointed.