It’s been over a week since I have gone food shopping, which means I have not been able to have my daily avocado. There is just something about that creamy texture that adds so much to your meal. Whether its to your sandwich, salad, omelette or even butternut squash soup it makes that much of a difference. In lieu of my deprivation, I decided to buy two bags of Avocados.. so eight avocados in total. All eight were bright green and hard as a rock. I stored four of them in the fridge and the other four outside on my counter eagerly checking them everyday hoping they would ripen already. Boom! Three days later… they ALL became soft. What does one do with four ready-to-eat avocados? I can’t eat all four in one sitting! So my research began… How to keep avocados from ripening? or better yet what do you do once they are ripe?

After investigating this matter I learned quite a lot about avocados.

You buy an unripe avocado:

  • To slow down the ripening process: Keep in a cool place
  • To speed up the ripening process: Keep it near bananas or apples

Your avocado is already ripe and ready to eat

  • To save it for the next day: store the avocado in the fridge

You have avocado left over:

  • Squeeze lemon or lime juice and wrap it with saran wrap

Who knew such a luscious fruit (yes, avocado is a fruit) can be so complicated to handle.