I am a snob when it comes to “fruit spread.” As you may have read in my JIF Peanut Butter post- I am very particular on the brands I use. The only preserves that are allowed to touch my toast is Bonne Maman Preserves, any flavor. As the title of my blog implies… I’m up to tasting anything you put in front of me and that applies to condiments too (but of course, only of Bonne Maman). My curious palate is actually what lead to my discovery of the major differences between jam, preserves and jelly. Bonne Maman had a new flavor out: Grape. I had never had grape before and I thought that this would be the next one to try. With an impulse I bought it and tried it once I got home. To my surprise.. this was nothing at all like the other Bonne Maman’s that sat in my fridge. It was like jello smooth and jiggly. Where were the chunks? the seeds? the pieces of grapes? I looked back at the label and realized I had bought Jelly. Jelly?! I didn’t even know Bonne Maman made Jelly. I knew right then and there I was a Preserves kind of girl. But it was then I got thinking… what makes them so difference?

JELLY… My reaction: Blech. Jelly is made with fruit juice and sugar. Pectin Powder is added to give it that  jiggly- jello like texture.
PRESERVES (*Also known as Jam*)… My reaction: Now that’s what I’m talking about. Preserves/Jam is made from boiling whole fruit with sugar until the fruit breaks down. The result is a thick chunky preserve a result from the pectin in the fruit.

So you have jelly- a lazy man-made way of a fruit spread. And you have preserves a more natural luscious fruit spread.