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Cupcake food trucks, Crumbs Bakery, Cupcake Wars, Red Velvet are all familiar words to the American sweet tooth. You can’t walk any street of New York City or walk in to a bakery with out coming across a unique cupcake. However, in the passed year a new form of pastry has come forward- The Macaron. I was introduces to the Macaron while surfing the web. It had come up as an add on my window’s side bar. My instant reaction was- now they are making slider burgers sweet? To me,  they look like mini colorful hamburgers. In fact, I thought they were made out of marzipan; imitations of fruits, animals or basically anything you can think of made our of an almond paste. Well I was wrong. Very wrong.

The Macaron is a French sandwich cookie that consists of two layers of light meringue-based cookies that are filled with ganache, buttercream or jam. I can see why they would be appealing- they are not messy, small and just sweet enough. You avoid the hassle of dealing with a mound of icing and jaw aches. And let me tell you these little suckers can get pricey! You see, macarons can’t be made out of a box like cupcakes. These confections take an exacting attention to ingredient quantities and a steady hand to put them together. The process seems to be part of what makes them special.. and lets face it they are pretty damn cute too.

It looks like I have found the next baking experiment. Coming soon: Heilamonster’s Macarons.