Nowadays, there are products that provide us with multiple services. Cell phones are cameras, buses are Internet providers, cars are GPS systems.. and now, more and more supermarkets have become a place where you can dine.

Supermarket dining often is thought of as Styrafoam boxes, overloaded with food to take home to eat. But as a  loyal costumer to Wegmans and Whole Foods, in-store dining is anything but that. In fact, I’d classify it as high-quality dinning.

Now, dinning at the supermarket has become a destination for families, couples and elders to sit down and enjoy a meal. At Syracuse, my roomates and made sure to do our food shopping around dinner time- so we could sit down and eat before hitting the isles. Plus, it is always advised to go food shopping on a full stomach to prevent buying more than you need.

To attract more costumers some chains, like Whole Foods and Wegmans, are providing culinary classes and wine tastings. I just discovered that at some Wegmans locations they even have a full-fledged pub! Supermarkets have gained a new meaning. At first, people didn’t get there meats, breads or dairy at one place. Going food shopping took at least a half day- going from the bakery to the butcher and to the supermarket for produce. Some may stick to that old- fashioned European way but for a while now- Supermarkets have provided that all under one roof. And now, they are providing the convenience of dinning in. What should we expect next? Think about it.. If you add a bank, a post office, a liquor store (for some States) and maybe even a nail salon…you’ll be able to complete all your errands at one location!