The Wildcat Tavern – Jackson, NH

If I could I would give this place ONE star. Horrible service and even worse food.
Arrived for dinner around 7:30. Bar was packed and dinning area was empty. We were seated in a small room at a table right next to the only other couple in the restaurant. I used to work as a hostess and I understand seating people in areas that are most convenient for the waiters… but when there are just two couples in a quite restaurant you can at least separate them by a table or two… or you might as well put them at the same table since you can easily hear each others conversations.
When I asked to move, the hostess rolled her eyes and told us where ever we want. When we sat down, all we could hear is the waitress complaining, “oh, so they chose that room- now I have to walk back and forth.” “ugh” .. wah wah wah.
Before I go on.. let me just remind you there was only one other table occupied at the restaurant… so in total two tables to attend to. It took the waitress 15 minutes by the time she got to us to take our order.

Appetizer: Clam Chowder, Wings, Bruschetta. Main Dish: Greek Salad with Chicken and Steak. 10 Minutes pass by and she brings out the soup and she tells us the bread will be coming out shortly (If I am correct…Usually you get the bread right after the waitress takes your order? hmm). Soup was not hot.. just slightly warm. 20 minutes pass and she comes out with the bruschetta and wings.. still NO bread. I look down at the bruschetta and go.. excuse me we ordered the bruschetta this looks like pizza. The waitress replies..”this is our version of bruschetta.” Has anyone every heard of baked bruschetts? It was dough with melted cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Sorry, but I believe that is considered a pizza. We moved on to the wings. They were cold. 15 minutes pass and she finally comes back to give us the bread. White sad bread… the kind of bread you use to make a peanut butter and jelly- the bread you get with an order of eggs and this bread wasn’t even toasted! We complained that the wings were cold and she took them back. Surprisingly she returned them to us 5 minutes later. I felt the lettuce on the plate which was warm and immediately called her back. I asked if she had microwaved the wings.. and she said yes. Now I was pissed. We canceled our main dishes (which by the way… had JUST been entered in to the computer).. and left. We waisted an hour and a half to have two bites of cold food that were way over priced.