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Over 100 years ago, Christian fundamentalists created cereal to promote a healthy diet. Little did they know, their invention would eventually be used to promote everything from cartoons and tooth decay to celebrities and fiber. From eating cheerios on a high chair up to living in the dorms in college cereal has the been the breakfast of choice. As a kid, it was all about cinnamon toast crunch and coca puffs. Fun mazes on the back of the box and your milk turning in to chocolate milk was probably the only thing I’d settle for at that age. What kid doesn’t like sugar first thing in the morning? As I got older I became more conscious of nutrition (and my sweet tooth shrunk). I started buying cereals that had “good source of fiber” and “no added sugars.” Little did I know..  these labels were false advertisment.

Cereals that have added sweeteners, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and added color CAN BE labeled “natural.” That’s right, its legal. The FDA has made no restrictions about the use of the term “natural,” which means manufacturers can use it to their benefit. I’ll admit, when I read natural I thought that meant no pesticides of GMO’s.. but really its nothing more than a fancy label.

Cereal addicts (especially the ones who like to mix more than one) get ready to be shocked. I bet you one of these boxes is on top of your fridge right now.

I found the list of “9 Natural Cereals That Aren’t” on eatthis.com. Here is what they discovered:

1.) Kashi Go Lean “Most corn and soy ingredients come from genetically engineered crops, which have never even been proven safe. In fact, scientists have linked GMOs to serious health problems. In Cornucopia Institute tests, researchers detected GMO material in 100 percent of the soy in Kashi GoLean. ”

2.) Kix “Mothers may stop approving this breakfast cereal in light of GMO testing: 56 percent of the corn content was genetically engineered, according to the Cornucopia Institute analysis. ”

3.) Barbra’s Bakery Puffins  “Between 2007 and 2011, the company’s organic choices dropped from 55 to just 20 percent—shortly after the company was acquired by a private investment firm. That’s misleading to customers who think the company is staying true to its organic roots, and think they’re still buying organic cereals. Today, 55 percent of the corn used in Puffins is genetically engineered, not even close to being natural. ” Eatthis.com

4.) Back to Nature Granola– Its “natural” granola products contain conventional ingredients that are produced on conventional farms with the use of pesticides and other synthetic inputs that would be prohibited on organic farms.

5.) Kellog’s Low-Fat Granola– ” This granola contains harmful
high-fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients that sound like they belong in a lab, not your mouth. ” Eatthis.com

6.) Grape Nut’s and Post’s
“Natural Advantage Cereal”  
ingredients used in these cereals are still grown with chemical pesticides, and USDA data shows that wheat is often contaminated with residues of malathion, chlorpyrifos methyl, and chlorpyrifos, toxic bug-killing chemicals that could harm neurological development.

7.) Hi- Lo “The soy content of Nutritious Living Hi-Lo was 85 percent GMO—meaning the soy was manipulated on the molecular level to withstand heavy sprayings of the weed killer Roundup, which often winds upinside the food you eat.”

8.) Peace Cereal -” Strawberry-containing Peace Cereal options could contain the carcinogenic pesticide Captan, which is detected in 55 percent of conventional strawberries tested.”

9.) Mother’s Bumpers – “Nearly 30 percent of the corn in Mother’s Bumpers was found to be genetically modified. ”

I believe products containing GMOs should be labeled, but under current laws, they aren’t, leaving us…cereal addicts in the dark.