Imagine a refrigerator that come up with recipes based on what is inside your fridge, notifies you when you are out of milk, and one that you can sync to your phone to download your supermarket receipts. With the “smart” revolution of phones and other electronics manufacturers are hoping to invent such a fridge.

The smart refrigerators being offered these days aren’t smart enough to keep track of the food inside; consumers still need to do that themselves with a touch screen. The fridges are also not beneficiary when it comes to the consumer’s pocket. Many are not willing to pay a high price for some of the perks that it has to offer. For example, the Samsung Smart refrigerator has Pandora and a weather app- if you think about it why would you not use your iPhone or laptop to access such information?

An important selling point of smart appliances is that they can link into a smart electrical grid that keeps tabs on energy use and programs them to run during off-peak hours, saving money. But the smart-grid projects are just getting under way in the United States.

An article in the New York Times reported that “Samsung Electronics offers a French-door refrigerator with an LCD screen and its own apps, allowing consumers to check the weather, browse the Web for recipes, listen to music and keep tabs on what is in the refrigerator. The 28-cubic feet, four-door refrigerator costs about $3,500. LG Electronics is introducing a refrigerator that allows consumers to scan a grocery receipt with their smartphone so that the refrigerator can track what is inside.”

As amazed as I am by the  features that these fridges can offer- there are some other new kitchen gadgets that have hit the market:

3D Printer for Food: The device attached to a computer, which works as the “brain” behind the technology. It doesn’t look like a traditional printer; it’s more like an industrial fabrication machine. Users load up the printer’s syringes with raw food — anything with a liquid consistency, like soft chocolate, will work. The ingredient-filled syringes will then “print” icing on a cupcake.

Sharp SteamWave Microwave: This is one of the first multiple ovens to introduce steam and grill to a microwave unit. The Steamwave has been designed to create pure steam without the use of microwave energy, retaining vitamins and nutrients within the food.

Indoor Fire Pit (made by Haceinda) : If you enjoy making your own barbecue than contemporary fire pit is the product that you should definitely have in your home. The fire pit does not take enough space and therefore you can easily accommodate in your backyard where you can enjoy a get together party with your close friends and family. It is stylish and useful at the same time

Digital Rice Cooker: This is a new innovation on cooking, a modern digital rice cooker with a simple design.  It has superior induction heating which means that the heat is distributed evenly, giving you flawless rice every time In this basin, placed a visual screen and touch panel. A tap on the bottom of the panel keys in the choice or takes you forth to the next menu page.


Hand-held Espresso Machine (Mypressi): This dispenser relies on canisters of compressed N20 that pumps for your brewing period. All one has to do  is insert one of the N2O chargers into the handle, fill up the reservoir with really hot water and pull the trigger after sealing it – resulting in a hot brew of italian-style coffee shortly after.