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J.P. Licks, a local group of ice cream cafes, introduced their new line of non-dairy ice cream. The new flavors are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and Kosher-certified- which pretty much covers any dietary restriction and allergy you could ever possibly have.

I was excited to cover another foodie story- and well, I like my ice cream. Me and J.P. Licks go way back. It was “somewhere to go- something to do on a weekend night, back in the middle school days. Back then, J.P. Licks was more of a social thing- nobody really cared about getting ice cream. But as I grew older, and I started appreciating food- I noticed that J.P. Licks is actually good. So naturually, when I was assigned this story I was excited- well, till I realized I’d be going to taste dairy- free ice cream. I’ve had dairy-free ice cream from Whole Foods before (not by choice). My cousins are lactose and tolerant and thats all they had to offer for dessert. Woof- I took one bite of each flavor and it was like sand in my mouth. I’ll take any wacky savory ice cream over  vanilla non-dairy ice cream. I’m not sure many would agree with me on that.

Anyways, whether or not I was going to like JP Licks new flavors didn’t really matter. All my proffesors grinded in to my head “no one cares about your opinion- you are there to deliver the news,” which is completley true. That’s why my news package and web article has no bias. My blog is for my opinions.

The first three flavors to debut – coconut almond lace, chocolate coconut and pineapplecoconut- dosen’t sound that bad ? Well, that is, unless you hate coconuts (which I do). The non-dairy flavors use a coconut cream base instead of traditional milk and are sweetened with brown rice and agave syrups.

My Reaction: Shocked. I could not believe how similar the texture was to dairy ice cream. It was just as rich and had the same creamy consistancy (probably because they used coconut cream). I was not found of the flavors of course- the chocolate coconut was not so bad, only because the chocolate pretty much masked the coconut flavor. Even though I personally didn’t enjoy it, I still appreciate the fact that effort was put in making an ice cream that people with dietary needs can enjoy.

Yes, you heard correctly. J.P. Licks is coming out with hemp based Ice cream in April.. April 20th to be exact. I’ll make sure to bring my optimism back for my next story.